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Thinking of 15 things is hard lol

1. I am a proud feminist!
2. I am a nature loving Goddess worshipping pagan witch!
3. I am a true crazy cat lady I have 4 cats now and I would have a ton more if I had the space.
4. I actually love all animals and my dream would be to have huge land with horses, cows, pigs, llamas, goats, ducks, dogs, cats and more
5. I would do anything to be able to have a puppy and/or a ferret right now
6. I am terrified of insects and spiders. But while I will trap spiders and set them free outside or let them stay to kill other bugs. I will scream and cry like a huge baby if a moth gets near me!
7. I used to have pet mice lol
8. I moved around alot growing up. Living in Colorado, Florida, Oklahoma, Kansas, Ohio and now New York.
9. I have traveled to or through most states in the US
10. I went to Niagara falls in Canada on my honeymoon
11. I met my husband in an online game
12. Even though I am the biggest baby when it comes to pain I got a tattoo. a pretty butterfly on my ankle and I don't even really think it hurt much lol I totally want a ton more!
13. my biggest dream is to write a novel
14. when I was a kid I so wanted to be a ballerina and still alittle bit sad that I never did follow that dream.
15. I have an insane my little pony addiction lol

Day 2- eh moonkissed is just an old name I used a ton on other websites. My religion has alot to do with the moon and I thought it was special as in kissed by the moon
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