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Originally Posted by Jenteal View Post
3) I'm a crafty person. I love painting, making jewelry and wine bottle night lights.
I love being crafty too! Especially
during the school year when I'm homework stressed.
It's such a nice way to get my mind off things and
relax. And wine bottle night lights? Sounds very neat!

Originally Posted by jenteal View Post
I have a tattoo of an ugly rose on my ankle that I despise and would like to get removed. I was 17 and a bit intoxicated when I got it.
I feel the same way about the tattoo
I got for my fiancÚ. I was 14 when I got
it and what I thought I wanted turned out
to be NOT what I wanted. I'd really
like to get mine removed or enhanced.

Originally Posted by jenteal View Post
13) If I had the time and money, I'd love to walk from the east coast to the west coast of the US (approx 3000 miles) Anyone want to join me?
I definitely would! I remember
seeing a document about a father and son
biking across the country and I thought it
was so neat. It'd definitely be something
interesting to do.
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