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I guess I'll start.

Day 1

Okay, 15 interesting facts about me...

1. I'm nearly 16 and already engaged to the
man I strongly believe is the love of my life.

2. I have never been outside the country.

3. I want to be a policewoman and also a cupcake maker/decorator.

4. I really want a yorkie pup. It's been a dream
of mine for as long as I can remember.

5. I'm Italian but I speak french.

6. Someday I plan on going back to Sicily, Italy
to find my Italian family.

7. I won't drink anything at a restaurant unless
there is a straw.

8. I have a huge fear of choking on pills. If I'm
ever sick I'd rather wait it out than swallow a pill.

9. I'm really into '60s music.

10. In 2013 I will be an exchange student to
France (hopefully Paris).

11. I admit I feel like I need religious guidance.

12. I've been struggling with family issues/rumors
for as long as I can remember and I no longer
talk to most of my family because of it. I can
do without their back stabbing.

13. I'm not too thrilled about ever having kids.
My fiancÚ wants to later on down the road. But
I can honestly say I don't really want kids.

14. I want to dye my hair red. I think it'll
look very cute.

15. I got a tattoo of a cursive "J" and heart
for my fiancÚ for our one-year anniversary. I
want to finish that tattoo since we've been together
for over two years now.

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