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Originally Posted by cinthia0988 View Post
i was told by my doctor that due to the prolactinoma i will have a really hard time getting pregnant, and if i do the chances of going through the whole pregnancy is really low. And the hair yes is really embarrasing, I am 21 i bounce from a size 5-10, and my prolactinoma never seems to be controlled. I have facial hair, i have had hair on my chest, its just horrible!!! i really understand how you feel and I am so glad to finally find somewhere where there is girls with the same problem.
Hi Cinthia,
i cant remember the statistics they told me of the chances of me actually getting pregnant were, but the week after "that" conversation, i went to the doctor and suprised them with the news that i had a 'positive' pregnancy test. ( we had been trying on and off for nearly 2 years, was told it wasn't going to happen. and hey the one day we did it (that i actually felt like i could) not expecting anything. voila!!

they then proceeded with all the " it wont be a 'viable' pregnancy, and not to get to 'attached' as i probably wont make it full term". and their comforting "you may not make it to the next trimester" talk at each drs visit. (yay thats realy what you want to hear from a dr.... )

but hey, i now have a ten month old little boy who is happy and healthy. and was delivered normally ( or as normal as one of my births get - but thats another story lol) at a reasonable due date,it was early, but that was due to my births.
so i think each person and pregnancy is different. i cant say my good news will be the same for everyone, but we can hope....

so what i suppose i am trying to say is try and stay positive. They may be doctors, but they can't see anything past their text book sometimes. look at us with our 'irrelevant' weight gain for example.

and as for the extra hair, i get it on my chest, but the ones that irritate me are the inch long couple that keep sprouting from my throat. i have found out, but am yet to get there, that laser removal is good for removing them, and because it is only a few stray hairs you dont need multiple treatments. as for my 'hairy top lip' i just get it waxed every 2 weeks along with my eyebrows..... things women do to feel good???

so take care.
as usual my thoughts are with everyone,
stay strong, and as a combined group together we will get through it.


**oh by the way, i have lost about 15 kgs and 2 dress sizes. on 0.5mg dostinex 2 times a week since 3rd march 2010. seems to be working... so far...****

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