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love to be a lower weight
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S/C/G: HW 220/SW 197.2/ticker/GW 132

Height: 5'3


8/7/10 Here's what I had today. Dinner was interesting. I went to a taste testing party.

Breakfast (290)
3/4c Kashi, V8, Activia lite vanilla, honey wheat toast plain

Snack (90)
Special K bar

Lunch (235)
slice of Alfredo spinach pizza, diet cranberry, cup of grapes

Dinner (600) ???
a slice of Almond butter pound cake (it said that a serving is 310 calories), I also had some sample dips made with cream cheese, sour cream with some tostitos, some salsa

Total calories 1215

walked 3 miles this morning
136oz of water

Ulimate goal, struggling to get there .... .... Restart to get back to lowest weight in five years

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