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for my family...
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S/C/G: 210/188.2/160

Height: 5'5" age~ 39


I didnt get a chance to stop in yesterday do here is my meals
B:turkeybacon bowl(240) and sandwich tin (100)
L: chicken ranch salad (350)
S: whole orange (60)
D: Red Robin royal burger and half the fries (687)
I posted a thread in a different section about unsweet tea being included or not as water intake and the response I got was it is. There is a myth about caffeines dehydrating effect that I researched to be not real so I realized that I infact drink about 64oz of water every day like I should be.

Going out of ton this afternoon for the day so Im about to geat a huge (healthy) breakfast to help me for the day!

My TOM is almost here and usually I feel as if I have lost weight but now that I actually weigh myself.. I will see for sure!! Today I am still at 201.4..(my body is having a haard time getting the idea of being in ONEderland!!! OH but I will get there)

CURRENT MINI GOAL ABOVE - REWARD: post a pic and a new pair of earrings
MY NEXT MINI GOAL IS 169 - REWARD: post a pic and a new pair of shoes
one each 5 pounds
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