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Hi all,

I just ran across this forum and am happy to read about other people dealing with prolactinomas. I was diagnosed in 2007 by "accident." I had an MRI for another problem and they found it. They did bloodwork and at that point my prolactin levels were in the 70s, but I had no symptoms. After 8 weeks on cabergoline my levels went down to 2. My doctor took me off in January 2009 and my levels slowly rose a few months later. I had a 6 month check-up this past Monday and I knew it wasn't going to be good. I gained 7 pounds in 3 months, had horrible mood swings, and just pretty much was not a very pleasant person to be around. My levels were in the 90s and since Monday I am back on cabergoline for at least 2 years according to my doctor.

Does anyone remember what it felt like to be you before the prolactinoma? I miss the days when I was 20 pounds lighter and didn't have mood swings.
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