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Default Question about bringing *your own* food to other people's houses...

Hi everyone!

I am a new WW member (5 weeks!) and new to this site as well. I have a question that hopefully you guys can help me with, about bringing your own low-point food to someone's house, and how to deal with weird reactions...

Basically, whenever I am going camping or something with my bf, I obviously can bring my own low-point food. But it seems to get trickier if we are going to stay with friends or family for the weekend. I mean, its hard to find a good filling breakfast that is low in points, and it takes specific if those foods aren't there, I'll either end up blowing all my points or be starving all day!

There are some places where this isn't a problem, like at my Mom or sister's houses, but I'm finding that some people seem to get really offended when you turn down food for your own option. Has anyone else had this experience? I'm not even talking about turning down like a beautiful home-cooked meal, which I wouldn't do, but more like opting to eat rice crackers over doritos. And people get seriously offended!

I'm sorry for the long post, but I'm finding this really hard to deal with - at work and also from friends and family. It doesn't seem to matter how graciously I decline, or whether they know I'm trying to lose weight - in fact this sometimes makes it worse!

Any advice or help would be really appreciated! Thanks
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