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Default Hello Beck Friends

Checking in after vacation. So, I had planned all 4 days in advance, I followed the plan 2 of the 4 days. The 2 days I didn't follow my plan I didn't go too crazy, but still went over calories and felt disappointed in myself.

I got home and read Day 19, Stop Fooling yourself.
I have a problem with the sabotaging thought Beck describes so well in this chapter (and it was my weekend problem) as "It's okay to eat this because I want it...and, besides I don't really care". I read this in the book just last night after I returned. Her response is "I might not care at this moment, but I will care in a few minutes. I'll be unhappy if I eat something I shouldn't. And, I sure will care when I find out I am not losing weight".

I need to revisit that often. When I get off track I am very aware and just say "I don't care." I must remember that "I WILL CARE".

I was back on track Sunday.


exercised 2x today
Ate on plan
Made tomorrows plan
Posted here
Read ARC's

Hello All and Thanks for being here

Mikkijoe: So nice to have all that great produce in your backyard. The family sushi rolling was a great idea. I love PHO too.

Houston2command: The working pool sounds great especially in the heat you have been having. I love swims at dawn.

Synger: A small piece of lasagna and NO cheesecake factory desert! You deserve 4 credits for that.

new2me2: The diet coke cake doesn't sound like it was too good. There is a spice cake recipe modification that floats around weight watchers and may be on their website. It is REALLY good.

Gardnerjoy: Congratulations on deciding to do weights. I have been taking a body pump class twice a week since April. I don't love weights. I use to do them in front of the TV and thought it was great, but quickly got bored. I really like the body pump class because it forces me to do a routine. I have really noticed definition in my arms and I have fewer aches and pains since starting (although, this took a couple months.) I think it is a great idea to change focus like that and not make it all about dieting.

AmberPR: Good luck with the travel week. I use to travel weekly for my job and I know how difficult that can be with dieting.

Seadwaters: Hope the trainer went well. I should do that sometime. It scares me a little because I heard they work you really hard.

BillBluEyes: You really make vegetables seem so appealing. Thanks for making them sound like such a treat. I like to bike around too. I am thinking of adding some paniers to my bike so I can run more errands. Right now, I stuff everything in a messenger bag so it limits bike grocery runs.

Have a great week
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