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Hello August, wow, hard to believe it is August already.

Saturday we to a ride out to the orchard areas of the county ( I am in Central Washington, TONS of fruits and vegetables in the grocery stores come from my back yard!)
We got a bunch of hot peppers, some eggplant, walla walla sweet onions, and plums, apricots and nectarines! Then Sunday morning we made a batch of pepper jelly. we will continue to make several batches over the next 2 months, green now, yellow in late August and red in September, and we give these away through the year. Generally the green is mild..OH BOY, not this first batch! It is great used as a chicken glaze, or served with cream cheese and crackers.
We made our sushi Saturday night, it was great, each of us made a we also had Pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup. Starts with broth (we used veggie) and noodles, once that is super hot and the noodles cooked we ladel it into our bowls that have thin sliced onion and bean sprouts in them, then we add to the top fresh basil and mint leaves, and cooked protien (we used shrimp this time) The hot broth meeting the fresh herbs is fantastic!
So that was our dinner, out on the front porch, after a surprise storm that afternoon. LOVE the smell of fresh rain.
Sunday we made home made pita pockets, never will I buy them again, 25 minutes work, 1 hour raising, costs about 50-75 cents for 8 Whole wheat, no preservative pita pockets, and they were wonderful. We had lentils, corn on the cob, rainbow chard, and pita bread....again on the front porch.
Today it is over cast, so I might mow the front yard after work if no one else has done it yet. The sun is not my friend, and I stay out of it as often as possible, I have had skin cancer already, So breaks from the sun now and then are very welcomed.
Wish I could say I was on plan today, but I did not pack anything for lunch, so I may leave the office and run home and get something later...well see how the day goes so far.
Getting ready to plan a campout for 80 people, and that always excites me every year. I do all the meal planning and the cooking, and we eat healthy, but VERY well. No hot dogs and canned chili for us! But there will be a black bean veggie chili on the fire this year.
Credits for this weekend, did some workout---enough to make cramps in my calves, so now know I need more water
Planned meals for the entire week, and sticking to them
In a smaller pair of jeans although the scale is not reflecting that
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