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Good morning all! I decided to try to wait the overcast out a bit, so I cleaned the bathroom, lol. Yay and credit, lol. I even scrubbed the grout lines which are mostly hopeless, but I did make some difference.

My goal this week is to do just a little straightening every day. We'll see how THAT goes, lol.

Meals were on plan and I even decided to bake that WW GF Diet Coke cake. I made 12 mini bundt cakes then cut them in half and froze them. They aren't bad, but fortunately not quite yummy enough to make me want to eat them all at once. Phew!

By the time I did all that, it was 9:30 and the sun still wasn't out yet, so decided to just go for the walk anyway. I put on my socks and shoes, got my pedometer, opened the door, and the sun started to come out! Yay! Got my natural D afterall, lol. It was still peaceful enough for most of the walk, and was glad I went without iPod! But I got a shocker when I read my normal route was only 1.5 miles. I thought it was a bit longer than that. Next weekend, I'll try a bit different route and see what happens.

Then yesterday evening I did 30 minutes of slightly more vigorous Walk It Out (the songs were in the 170 bpm range and so I jogged in place through much of them).

The best news of all...I slept better! Yay! I did still wake up at 1:00 but went back to sleep and stayed asleep until about 2:30. That's okay with me. I get up at 3:40 ish anyway, so if I can get anywhere near there I'm happy.

My weight went back up a little today, but I think I know why and it should go away again quickly enough.

synger CONGRATULATIONS on 6 lbs lost this month!

BillBlueEyes Still envious of your tomatoes, lol! Also envious of your bike rides!

seadwaters(Cheryl) Yay for an on-plan day!!

AmberPr It sounds like you have a great start and plan for your busy week! Bagging ahead is a great plan for me as well! I do have one place where my mail goes...I have stacks of paper everywhere, but a little upright mail holder that the mail goes in as soon as I pick it up...or I should say the bills go there. I sort through the rest by my recycle bins, lol.

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