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I decided yesterday to start shifting my focus a bit from losing weight to building muscle. For a couple of months now, I've been doing mostly long low-intensity aerobic workouts which seem to be most effective for getting the weight off. But, since I want to be functional, not just thinner, this seems like a good time to work some strength training back in the routine. As part of that, I'm also reading The Body Fat Solution by Tom Venuto -- a book by a body builder, but for regular people.

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silverbirch: I like your ramblings -- it's helpful to see someone else's process of working things out. Seems the wheels are turning.

new2me2: yay for the downtic in weight!

synger: yay for loose pants!

BillBlueEyes: kudos for biking for errands. Yep, green grape tomatoes are green when they are ripe! That's helpful to know about tomatoes -- that means they will ripen next weekend when we've gone to KC for four days!

seadwaters: good job with planning and following through on the cafeteria meal and the meal at home. Hope your appointment with the trainer goes well.

AmberPr: way to go with planning for a busy week with travel!
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