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Hate to dredge up an old post (the other forum I'm on it apparently REALLY bugs people to see old threads brought back, personally, I couldn't care less) but I have something to add.

A few years ago I started taking a diet pill (I can't remember the name but it was some kind of fat burner or something). At the time I had always had blood pressure that ran low. As someone mentioned above, every time I went for a physical the nurses assumed b/c I was fat that I had hypertension as well...I actually had one nurse apologize to me for thinking that after she had basically made me arm go numb. Anyway, I started taking these pills and right away I felt shaky ALL bouncing off the walls shaky. I ended up only taking them for a few weeks b/c I couldn't stand the feeling. The next time I went to the doctor, I had high blood pressure!!! Never before had I had a problem w/ it...but now I'm on medication to regulate my blood pressure. Fortunately, w/ my weight loss, my blood pressure has started going down. 5 more pounds and my doctor is going to lower the dosage on my meds. Hopefully by the end of my journey I will be completely free of any blood pressure meds!!!

1st goal - 10% of body weight lost - MET 06/21/10
2nd goal - 100 lbs lost
3rd goal - 180 lbs!!!
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