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We rarely fry anything for obvious reasons and some of you might not like this because it is frying, but it is in healthy olive oil and when I did it I left most of the oil in the skillet so didn't really consume much of it. When you have a craving for fried chicken try this instead. It didn't take long to fix using only one chicken breast which for my dh and I was about 3 small pieces (I sliced the chicken breast). For the one 1/2 chicken breast I used 2 T oil as I was afraid it would stick badly with less. If you cook more you might have to do a few pieces (or breasts) at a time. And you might be able to use less oil if you use a olive oil cooking spray for at least part of it. I also added a little salt on both sides. We both liked it.

Coat boneless chicken breast in grated Parmesan cheese, heat a large skillet and add 4 T extra virgin olive oil. Cook until golden brown and turn and repeat. Lower the temperature and cook til done. The Parmesan cheese adds a wonderful flavor and cooking with the olive oil makes it lighter and healthier.

From Cooking Club of America forum

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