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Default Hitting a plateau too early, advice and support so I don't jump off a bridge!

Ok, I had a bit of a melt down this morning when I stepped on the scale, this has not been my week. I started my diet on 6/28 and had been doing quite well and lost 23.6 lbs in about 3 weeks. I knew that of course this was going to slow down, but it just completely DIED on me. I went from losing a pound or so, to one day just .2, to losing nothing, to GAINING .6, and then GAINING 1.4.

I know plateau's happen, but after just 3 weeks?! Also I know how the body can adapt quickly, and i also know eating too little can backfire, but for years I never once paid for that.
*bit of backstory.... For the better part of the last 7 years I was close or actually underweight, and struggled pretty heavily with a variety of disordered eating behaviors. I always was waiting for the day my metabolism would die/it would become impossible to lose more etc, but it rarely/if ever happened. Now it does when I desperately NEED and HAVE (i abuse caps lock sorry!) to lose weight. Also i have no idea, but i also...gulp this is hard to admit....put on about 100 lbs, no i am not kidding, no i was not pregnant, in about 7 months. I obviously went insane, started compulsively overeating and not purging, etc. That in itself must have put my body through the wringer*

I definitely was eating too little from the start, but I still can't believe that I'd plateau that soon, arrgh. I tried to up my calories (was still under 900) for a few days (this basically started last fri morning) and panicked of course when I didn't lose any. Yesterday I actually didn't eat at all (i know better, but...its so hard to break that when I am so heavy right now-and i read one study that short term fasting *can* at times kickstart a metabolism, or so this one study says) and gained over a pound overnight. I broke down this morning and just cried, I feel pathetic.

I just, I'm going to keep on keeping on. I had a hard workout today, and I'm going to try to have a better dinner then usual. Perhaps I can keep myself of the scale for a few days. Wow, I'm rambling like a champ, but the basic point! Advice, stories, how you got past this if you went through it? I keep telling myself that its impossible to be burning off as much as I am and dieting strictly to stay this heavy but my goodness I am going crazy here!
(and you get a golden star if you even made it through my overly verbose post, sorry for all my whining!!)

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