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Make it to the moon...
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S/C/G: 12.31.12: 286.6/260.0/150.0

Height: 5'5"


If you were stranded on a desert island for the rest of your life and could only take one person w/ you, who would it be and why???
I would chose my best friend, because the two of us could totally make it work and have a blast.

If you won a million dollars, but part of the deal when you won it was that you had to give away 50,000 to a charity, what charity would you choose?

I'll make it to the moon if I have to crawl...
**Mini Goals**SW:286.6 1/1/13
**5%(272.2) 1/20/13**10%(258)**Big #! 249**15%(243.6)**50lbs.(236.6)**20%(229.4)**25%(21 5.0)**OneDerland (199.9)**Big #! 190**100lbs.(186.6)** Big #! 179**40%(172.2)**125lbs.(161.6)**45%(157.8)**GOAL 150**
Red = Goal Reached

June Exercise Challenge: 90/1300 Minutes
One for every 5lbs.

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