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Hello! I finally gave in and created a new account I can't get my old one to work... I previously was muffinl.

I have been dealing with my prolactinoma for almost 10 years wow it doesn't seem that long! Anyways everything was good I was on .5 dostinex mon and fridays, and had even lost my 60lbs.
This last year I started gaining weight again, eventhough I was runnin 2-3 miles a day, and went to the doctor in november and my prolactin was back up. The MRI showed no changes in the tumor size. So the doctor doubled the dose... it did not work so he added a day so now I am up to 3 mgs a week, we are going to have to raise it again because they are still not back down. Has anyone had this occur? Everything was going great and then it decided to act up!
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