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S/C/G: 235/235/180

Height: 5'6"


NAME: Lela

BIRTHDAY: Feb. 3, 1972-No math needed- I'm 38

MARITAL STATUS: Separated, soon to be divorced




EYE COLOR: Medium Brown

HAIR COLOR: Depends, naturally brown- Currently Ruby Fusion.

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Movies, Reading, Drawing, Tattooing, Going to the Mountains, specifically Glacier Park, spending time with my girls 3 and 4.

PETS: recently discovered that my youngest is allergic to dogs, so I had to say goodbye to my little man, Sarge. He was an adorable 5lb black and white chihuahua. He's with my ex, so I know he's fine, I just miss him. Crazy, I've had pets my whole life. It's weird not to.


FAVORITE COLOR: Hot Pink with sparkles

FAVORITE FOODS: Chocolate, icecream, and pretty much everything with sugar in it.

FAVORITE EXERCISE:I've heard of it, yes.

FAVORITE BOOK(S): The Shining, Tommknockers, and The Running Man by Stephen King, Swan Song by Robert R. McCammon sp?,Various Smut novels-Teresa Medeiros did some really cute ones, total brain candy.

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): There are many I love, so I'll just list the ones I tend to watch over and over again: Feel good and make you think movies: GoodWill Hunting, Stand and Deliver, Dangerous Minds, Rudy, Men of Honor, The Shawshank Redemption. Pure enjoyment: The Princess Bride, Highlander-the original, Lady Hawk, You've Got Mail, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, They are doing a great job with the Harry Potter series, can't wait to see how they'll handle the end, Sorry ladies, Twilight just makes me feel old. It does transport me back to my teens tho and I have to say that if I were a teen, I would swoon. Who wouldn't? Just make the heroine a little more volumptuous and the guys hopelessly drawn to her soft feminine curves while the mortals remain clueless.
FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): Next Food Network Star, Next Design Star, House

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC:Kinda Mixed here, but I'd have to go with the Eagles for mellow moods, and Rob Zombie for more amped up moods.

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: Food is my drug. I've looked at stories of drug addiction and I don't see a difference except that my addiciton is legal and not only readily accessible at all times, but is being hawked in all forms of media and is for sale on every street corner.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: I found this website and forum. I've joined the Halloween Challenge, and it's already made me make better choices because I want to be able to post progress. I'm down 4 lbs so far and the goal pics and success stories on 3FC make me feel like I can do this. Also, I want to be fit by 40.

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: LA Weightloss really kind of put it into perspective for me. It's simple to follow and if you eat everything it keeps you full. I know it sounds weird, but it's true. I also never really got that 8 glasses of water a day was actually 8 8oz glasses, one 20 oz and you've already gotten two down. Duh, right? The program was a total money machine, and the centers have mostly all closed down, but I still have my info and LA to your door can deliver the bars. I am just using protien bars for now.

RELIGION: I believe I'm not alone. I believe in a higher power, and I call it God for lack of a better term. I do not think the Bible should be taken literally and I know that people have perverted every religion for their own means and don't think that Christianity is an exception. I just know what feels like truth to me, and most religions share a common thread of treating others well and trying to be the best person you can be. I think you get back what you put out, so yes I do believe Karma is real too.

POLITICS: Dissappointed mostly. I can't believe how self-serving all politicians seem to be. Of the two, I'd say Democrat...but there are good and bad people on both sides. I hate that so many people let others do their thinking for them. I can't believe the things people have accepted as truth. It's scary to hear everyone repeating the same phrases that they've heard on TV. Brainwashing anyone?

PIERCINGS: Nose, three in each ear, and navel.

TATTOOS: Lots and lots, but no real coverage yet (sleeves, backpiece- No) I like floral and nature and so mine are nature inspired.
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