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I totally understand where u are talking about right now.
Im right here with you in this situation.
Even for me its harsh to say but, yes you did create a shell, and no ur
not able to break it as long as ur not feeling good. Neither do i.

Even tho you say you dont know why they find you funny, you also
say what they find funny bout you, so you do know. :P

And, no, ur not going to change as long as you dont feel save enough
to talk with your friends.

When you dont sleep you cry more, so try to go to sleep, like whenever you feel like trying. even if you only slept for like 2 hours, it works.
I sleep about 3 hours a day. keeps me going...

If you want to you can talk to me. im not sure how.. but.. we will see.

Good luck for now
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