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Originally Posted by mamaerinb View Post
oh taylor PLEASE don't let that bring you down, i've been there since the beginning.

my mom has never said anything about my almost 30 lb and 2-3 pant size drop until i say something to her. then she's like "uhhh, that's great"

i think moms(because i am one) worry about diets on their children and think that it may be a quick fix and lead you to be disappointed. i know that she's proud, just may be holding back because she wants to make sure your doing it the healthy way. maybe she doesn't understand the ip way or maybe she has *sorry to say this* failed in diets of her own, so she just worries about you getting let down too.

you're doing great hun, please believe all of us when we say that!
Originally Posted by showgirlaz View Post
Don't let it upset you! My dad didn't say anything until I had gone from a 20 to a 10. He would acknowledge a little, like you moms "ok", but, to get it from him when I didn't drag it out took a long time. He said it was because he didn't want me to be let down. He has seen me try hard for a long time, get 35 or 40 off and then float back up. He just wanted me to really stay at it.

When I saw him 3 weeks ago, he was really excited and kept saying "I am so proud of you. You are really looking great!" and, he was bragging to friends and people about me. It was worth the wait!
Originally Posted by Linden View Post
I don't know which is worse, the seeming indifference of a parent, or a parent who just pats you on the head and says "I knew you could do it," totally negating all the hard work you put into doing it. So see what you missed?

Frankly, I would have been crushed, too. But with longevity comes perspective. I'm with Carla. I think your mom probably didn't want to vest too much emotion at this point thinking she might set you up for a fall when all she really needed to do was just give you a little encouragement. Well, you've got it here, and in spades.
Originally Posted by Stacey41 View Post
I agree with everyone else, parents are concerned about their children and don't want to see them hurt. I'll bet there is more going on in her mind that you see on the surface. Hang in there, I bet inside she really wants you to succeed!
Thanks guys Maybe someday when I'm a mom I'll understand why you all are so loco.

Originally Posted by Novak View Post
Aw thanks, Yoda. You're making me blush
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