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Originally Posted by TaylorMayde View Post
So I'm a little disappointed. I went to my moms house today, and she hasn't seen me since I actually started the diet. I knew she wouldn't be able to see the progress in person, so I pulled up the pictures to show her. She was just like "okay..." and walked away. My feelings are super crushed

Don't let it upset you! My dad didn't say anything until I had gone from a 20 to a 10. He would acknowledge a little, like you moms "ok", but, to get it from him when I didn't drag it out took a long time. He said it was because he didn't want me to be let down. He has seen me try hard for a long time, get 35 or 40 off and then float back up. He just wanted me to really stay at it.

When I saw him 3 weeks ago, he was really excited and kept saying "I am so proud of you. You are really looking great!" and, he was bragging to friends and people about me. It was worth the wait!

My Progress Photos

Taking this 10 pounds at a time!

You have to choose - eat how you want to look, or look how you want to eat...

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