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Originally Posted by JoJoJo2 View Post
Yes, but . . . .

...when you get to maintenance those old habits are still there. The underlying causes of your weight-gain are still there. Life, and all its stresses, is still there.

Maintenance can be done, but it certainly isn't easy for most of us. However it is worth it, it really is.

But hopefully, you've learned through the losing process how to COPE and DEAL WITH *life* and all of its stresses, joys and other food challenges.

And I think for many, at some point, the underlying causes of ones weight gain, is no longer *relevant*, for many - it just becomes HABIT. Initially, there may have been a *reason* for the weight gain, but after years and years and years - it's just what you get used to - habit.

And good habits - ONCE ESTABLISHED - are just as hard to break as bad ones.

We talk about easy? But really, how HARD is it? Does it require time, effort thought, planning, discipline - will yes, but so what? So does every other thing in this world that really, really matters - employment, marriage, kids, friendships, religion..

And if you ask me, nothing, nothing compares to the hard of being morbidly obese, obese or even overweight. THAT'S hard.

I guess it all boils down to - choose your hard. And again, I hate to even call *this* hard. I just don't think of it quite that way. Perhaps I'm getting stuck on semantics here.
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