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3 + years maintaining
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DEfinitely the beginning is the hardest! You're letting (forcing) the bad habits to die while learning how to incorporate the new healthy ones. There's no routine yet. You're not used to saying no to certain foods and yes to others. You're learning meal planning, what healthy foods you like and dislike. The healthy lifestyle is not automatic.But you stick with it, not allowing yourself to *cave* and those new habits get ingrained in you. And then it DOES become automatic, second nature and habitual and that's when it gets LOTS easier - even easy.

And maintenance - piece of cake (rarely ). By the time you get there, you WILL have those good habits down pat. You will have found great healthy foods to eat. The good eating has BECOME your new normal and just what you do. And you'll be feeling soooo wonderful you won't want anything to ruin it.
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