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I haven't read the whole thread yet as I have 3 sweet little interruptions happening whenever I sit down to I'll just ask my question anyway...

How does the body know when you are ready to maintain? Or does it go by when the calories in vs. calories out ratio shifts? I mean, for example, I lost 90 lbs. a few years ago, but I was not anywhere near goal. However, when I became even slightly lax, I started to gain (and, by lax, I mean simply not exercising -- though calories remained at a lower level). Did my body think that I was maintaining due to shift in that ratio? Does this mean that breaks in trying to lose weight are counter-productive and that we need to push on until we reach goal and then only slightly modify for maintenance? Or does the body wait until it is at the right weight for itself and then start this business of slowing down the metabolism?

Down 54 lbs. total
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Began 10-08-07. Lost 90 lbs. in 7 months. Had unrelated surgery. Ate too much, moved too little while recovering. Gained some back. Gained more back. Re-committed 6/24/10. Lost 35. More unrelated surgery. Gained 20. Started WW P+ online 12/26/10.
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