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I must tell you that it took close to 50 lbs lost for any one to notice my weight loss. That doesn't mean I love how she handled the situation, mind you. She could have had a bit more tact. Oh well.

You are doing amazing. Just amazing. I know you're anxious to see more and more rewards, but know they're coming. Keep working that plan and those rewards will start and once they do - they'll be no way for folks to not notice and so many other great things.

I'm sure you know (now, after the fact) that binging wouldn't soothe your hurt feelings. I think it's a great idea right now, this minute to make a plan of how from here on in, you will deal with hurt feelings, stress, boredom, loneliness, anger, - whatever - so that you will have a plan in place and not turn to - food. Think up a strategy, a coping mechanism - so that you won't binge - but you'll have something else to turn to and it will be automatic to you. This way turning to the food won't be an option. You'll have something else to fall back on.
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