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Default Got upset and binged

I saw a friend on Thursday who I haven't seen since changing my eating habits, exercising and losing weight over 2 months ago. We speak on the phone and I keep her up to date on my weight loss. She was so excited to see me...I've lost 44 pounds. Well, she was waiting in her front yard and as I walked up to her, she gets a weird look on her face and doesn't say anything for a few seconds. Then she kind of stutters and says, um, ya, I can tell you've lost maybe a little weight, maybe. :-( I went from a 5X in tops to a 3X and from 4X pants to 2X...and she says MAYBE she can tell I lost a little? I've been feeling so good and proud of the weight loss and her reaction upset me. So, what do I do?...I eat and eat and eat on Friday. Let's see, I ate 2 bowls of cereal, bagel with cream cheese, biscuit with peanut butter and jelly, piece of chocolate cake with ice-cream, and 2 corn tortillas with cream cheese. By Friday evening, I had a stomach ache and felt like I had a hangover. Was depressed and went to bed at 7. Thankfully, when I woke up Saturday, I was over my pity-party and determined again. I still physically felt icky most of Saturday, but when I woke up this morning, I feel all better. Her reaction just caught me off guard...I will not let other's reactions to my weight loss get to me again! I weighed this morning, and I don't know how after eating all that junk, but I lost a pound...whew. Just had to get that off my chest...thanks for listening. :-)
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