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A year ago I wrote here and said I was going to get healthy and lose weight for an upcoming event that I knew was going to require a lot of physical endurance on my part. I thought it would be something that I could work towards as a goal. It was going to require me to fly in a plane for 4 hours and spend 6 days in hot Texas weather walking for miles everyday while I was there and then flying 4 hours back. I knew this would be hard for me at the weight I was.

I've been really depressed because not only have I not lost weight but I've gained 15 or 20 lbs. I just got back from this trip and I was really miserable the whole time. I was totally embarrassed on the plane because I barely fit in the seat & had to lift the arm rest between my husband & I. I had to suck in with all my might to get that seat belt to fit. I was just mortified. He was miserable as well because I was taking up so much room including his personal space. I think he did pretty good considering, he only complained a couple times.

The time in Texas was grueling. I don't ever want to have to go through that again. What was supposed to be a fun time wasn't at all for me. I felt like I was a downer for everyone else involved with the trip because they were constantly having to wait for me. I walked slow and I had to stop to rest often. My hips, knees and feet killed me. I sweated like a cow.

I'm just so tired. Tired of it all.
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