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Oh, boy. Can of worms, girl.

Dieting & nutrition is a complex subject & it is prone to all kinds of disagreement, debate, firmly held beliefs & divisive sects splintering off. I mean, there's science involved, but since when did that ever make people behave rationally? In fact, it's more like religion sometimes.

I encourage you to explore. Think about your own needs & your body's responses. Look around at the various reputable functioning diets. Then pick your religion (or, if you prefer another metaphor, your sports team to root for) & follow it. But not blindly. Always keep in mind what its critics have to say. Diets get debunked, or they fall out of fashion & come back into fashion. You are always going to run across people with different dieting "beliefs" than yours. You have to work out for yourself what you believe.

(As for me, I did a sort of a la carte thing with various diets, choosing foods & practices that made the most sense to me. There are very popular diets out there that I think are unintentionally hilarious, but I just stay away from talking about them, lest I run off at the mouth & get in trouble.)

One thing you **don't** want to do is feel guilty every time you eat, no matter what you eat, just over the act of eating & feeding your body & sating your actual physical hunger. That way leads to disordered eating. Which we don't want. You want to be healthier & happier, always.

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