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I was having the same problem the first couple of weeks. I'm doing weight watchers, and to eat my "points" and still make healthy choices, it's SO much more food than what I generally eat. (I used to be a one big meal a day, no snacking kind of person... and on WW i feel like all I do is eat all day long)
I was certain it couldn't be working, and after I'd have a tiny WW treat I'd feel super guilty like I should be trying harder... but in a months' time I finally just accepted that it's WORKING, and let go of the guilt.

What helps keep me on track is simply being realistic. I know myself, I know that eating nothing but plain fruits and veggies is a plan I can not stick to. You have to allow yourself to feel full (not stuffed... but full) and allow yourself to eat some things you ENJOY... otherwise, it's not realistic to stick to it in the long run.
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