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Well, i was told that i could have seltzer and/or sparkling water by one coach at my center. So i was having some every day (about a small bottle) in addition to my water. Well weighed in last Friday and had only lost two pounds in two weeks (no cheats). I almost started crying. After some questioning, my diet coach thinks it was the seltzer and sparkling water. I was so upset.

I'm still being pretty strict with the diet. If i want something different i'll have half a restricted bar for snack (i'll have my two non-restricted packets throughout the day). I'm drinking a ton of plain water and getting in all my supplements and oil. I weighed myself this morning and have not noticed a change in my weight since Friday (not close to my TOM either). I'm getting pretty irritated/upset.

I'm probably just overreacting, but i'm frustrated. Any ideas or suggestions?

My Ideal Protein Goals:
  • 10% of My Starting Weight Lost (-23 lbs) = 211 lbs Met 5/04/2013
  • Onederland (-35 lbs) = 199 lbs
  • 1st Lowest Adult Weight and 20% (-46 lbs) = 188 lbs
  • 2nd Lowest Adult Weight (-64 lbs) = 170 lbs
  • Goal (-89 lbs) = 145 lbs
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