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Good morning friends!

I got my 60 minutes of decluttering in, plus 30 more minues of housecleaning...WW counts all that as activity, yay! This is a major credit because everytime I go on vacation, I unpack only what is necessary and the rest stays on the bed in the spare room until I go on vacation again. So I'm ahead of the game a bit now. I still have LOTS to do in there since that is the "black hole" of doom...but at least the vacation stuff is put away, lol.

I did 45 minutes of Walk It Out later in the day. Eating was on plan and in general it was a nice relaxing day.

This morning I lost that .2 and saw it another .2, lol. If I can make it below the 150 mark this week, I may just put another charm on the bracelet even though it hasn't been a full five pounds!

gardenerjoy Your pasta sounds VERY healthy! Congratulations for the honorable mention!!!!!

maryblu It really IS amazing that gatherings of all kinds seem to be centered around food! Oooh, your floating island sounds very fun and relaxing!

Overlord I started before actually getting to the plan part too. I'm doing the pink book, so there wasn't really a plan set out in the book, but I did start my own even before she said to start one, lol. MAJOR CONGRATULATIONS and CREDIT for quitting smoking!!!

AmberPr Impressive list of credits!!! I've been using stevia in my protein shakes...I'm getting used to the taste I think. I still mix it with 1/2 T sugar, but I'm hoping to eventually be able to stand the taste enough to cut out the sugar completely.

seadwaters (Cheryl) Yay for being on plan, working out by yourself and finding the weights you needed. I love my iPhone toys, lol...very handy!

BillBlueEyes Impressive list of credits as usual!

Beverlyjoy Hope that cramping goes away soon!!

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