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Originally Posted by 6710 View Post
Fantastic Carla!!! You are doing great, and there is absolutely no doubt that it is noticible! Do you see it now that the pics are side by side?
Thank you! I had pictures taken every 2 weeks but, it was when I saw these 2 pictures together that I could see the difference for the first time. I still don't see a difference in real life. Even today, I put on a pair of shorts which were the smallest I'd been able to wear since high school, although they were quite loose, I wasn't able to reconcile that I am smaller than I have ever been.

Even when people say you are skinny, (I am not and they are polite ), I can't accept that they are speaking in terms of where I came from to now. I hear it and think "no, I am the same."

Originally Posted by mamaerinb View Post
i'm ready for a more recent pic! april 1st was awhile ago! you are A~M~A~Z~I~N~G~!!!!
Thank you! I will post new pictures after my vacation next week. I should be able to get several new photos to share!

Remember when you were excited about your bathing suit?? Well, I tried on my last bathing suit yesterday. It is the last because I've toss out all the big ones. It doesn't fit!! It is loose everywhere. I was hoping to wear it for the trip as it was a size 12 and the top fit well last time I tried it. NOT gonna happen. I will be swimsuit shopping this week it seems.

Originally Posted by Linden View Post
Oh! Pictures really are worth a hundred words, aren't they? Spectacular success!!! [And I use exclamation points sparingly.]

Thank you. I appreciate that so much. By the way, I was referring to the exclamation points. I am quite expressing with my hands and voice. Somehow, I can't get away from over using exclamation points too. LOL...

I was wondering, are you a teacher, editor, or somehow very skilled with English writing skills? I notice that your structure is very clear and well done. I have even see you catch your own split infinitives. I wish I were strong with my grammar skills.

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