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Originally Posted by showgirlaz View Post
Sheila you look GREAT! So much change is happening in your face and upper body. Do you see it? The reason I ask, I couldn't see it for me. I actually couldn't even see it in pictures for a long time. Now, I see it in pix but not in a mirror. I have been told that should catch up at some point. I hope it does! I would like to see myself as others see me.
Thanks ladies! You all are the best Carla, I do have a hard time seeing it. I can see that I am actually starting to get a neck but that is about it. When I sent it to my family they all couldn't believe it and I had to ask them, "Do you really see a difference? Don't lie to me, it really won't hurt my feelings if you say you can't see a difference yet." LOL As far as the mirror, I am just like you. I can never tell. I hope too eventually I can see a big difference.

I do have a funny story to share. After printing off my before and after photo I showed my two oldest girls and they just couldn't believe the difference. My little 5 year old daughter comes out from her nap and wants to see. I show it to her and ask if she sees anything different. She studies it for a bit and says "I see something different, in this one you have a necklace and in this one you don't." LOL I about died laughing. I said, "Yep Asha, your right! Mommy does have a necklace in one and not the other."

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