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Originally Posted by Linden View Post
Thanks so, so much for the information. So MUFAs -- monounsaturated fatty acids -- the really good fat, as some say. The kind you get in abundance in olive oil and avocados.

The "success sheet?" I

And the puppy. ... He's a 6 month old Papillon.

And thanks again for the super information.
You're welcome! Good to know, MUFA! Probably the omega oils will help you! I use Udo's Oil and Country life. I mix it up because I want the Omega 9 from fish oil but don't want to much fish oil because, I have been reading lately that some fish oils build up and can cause toxicity. I have recently been looking in to krill oil as an option.

Interesting sheet! I don't have that. Maybe my coach fills it out for me??

You gotta love a puppy! Papillons are so cute! My sister had one and it was a total love! I have a 6 month old black standard poodle, Chanel.

Originally Posted by Linden View Post
Oh brother. Me, too! In fact, I was told to eat one everyday, which I dutifully did for 15 days until I started to gain weight, on fewer than 800 calories a day!!!!
OH NO!!! I hope you have stopped having or have limited having the restricted items now!

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