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Default Any Swimmers Out There?

Hi, I'm a newbie, but have so enjoyed reading a lot of threads about eating and exercise. One aspect of my workout routine that I have not seen mentioned a lot is swimming! After many years away, I have taken it up again and in a just a few months, I built up from stopping every other lap to the point where I can swim a half mile (36 laps) in less than 30 minutes without stopping! Of course, that's nothing compared to my husband who can do a whole mile in just a few minutes more...

Anyway, I am convinced it's a great exercise for cardio and toning, yet I've recently seen articles that downplay the benefits of swimming, which really surprised me! There's no question that it gets my heart rate up and I swear I've lost inches around my torso due to it. Yet apparently it is not a great way to burn calories, apparently because of the coolness of the water or the increased appetite you get after a workout... huh? I have a nice mix of other exercise during the week, including walking, Zumba and weights.

What have other people experienced who include swimming in their fitness mix? It may be a little boring, but after 30 minutes, I really feel like I done something and with 24 pounds lost in three months, I must be doing something right, I think!
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