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Originally Posted by showgirlaz View Post

What are MUFA's???? Yes, I am clueless!

What is the "my progress success" sheet? I don't have that! AND, what do you do with it????

PUPPY??? What kind? What age?
Thanks so, so much for the information. So MUFAs -- monounsaturated fatty acids -- the really good fat, as some say. The kind you get in abundance in olive oil and avocados.

The "success sheet?" I was sent the file and have filled it in each of the two weeks I've completed. This is sort of what it looks like although it wrapped when I copied it, and the Ideal Protein Logo won't copy.

My Success Progress Chart
I Know I Can!
Dieter Handout – Initial Consultation
Date Weight Achieved Chest Size Waist Wrist Hip Size Arm Size Thigh Size % Fat % Lean Muscle % Fat Lost

And the puppy. Could you hear the tone of my voice change, melt? He's a 6 month old Papillon. What looks like a blob of black on white in my avatar is really one puppy leg sticking out. The rest of him is wrapped around by a male Oriental Shorthair who will be 18 on Sunday.

And thanks again for the super information.

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