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Originally Posted by Linden View Post
This topic is such a great idea! I haven't been around long enough to even know what I don't know. And Carla's list is so comprehensive. [Although that bit about hair loss scares me witless. Does that mean we should eat more MUFAs?] My ultra fine hair and skinny bones are the only thin things I have going for me right now, and I'd like to keep them around for a while.

But I learned something this morning that may be helpful. On the sheet called "My Progress Success," the last column reads % water. What it really means is % lean muscle mass, which makes a lot more sense to me.

Something else I learned today. Puppies, no matter how ardently they try to convince you to the contrary, do not like kale. But it's kind of fun watching the expression on their face as that try to gum it into taste-worthy submission.

Good Morning! Ok, questions!

What are MUFA's???? Yes, I am clueless!

What is the "my progress success" sheet? I don't have that! AND, what do you do with it????

PUPPY??? What kind? What age?

Regarding hair, apparently, based on the page under adverse effects you will find many things that effect people on the diet. One of these is hair loss. THE GOOD THING.. it is supposed to return to normal after you have lost the weight. The downside it happens. It is there mostly for women. It seems to effect at least 8% of people. It usually happens in between the end of the second month and the fourth month. It effects mostly people with very large amounts of weight to lose and those who are on the program 10 weeks or more. IT IS NORMAL to occur on any rapid weight loss diet. It has been seen to happen following lap band and gastric bypass too. Actually it can occur following surgery, trauma, any severe stress that is felt physically. In medical journals, it is reported to occur most often in people who lose 20 pounds or more in one month. It is often related to a nutritional deficiency but, not always related. It is best if you do lose a great mass of hair quickly as it indicates that you will have a greater probability of return to normal in the 6 months to a year AFTER you stabilize your weight loss. The reason for this is hair grows in cycles and we have hair falling out all the time and other hair in a mid phase or a new growth stage. The full cycle of all phases takes about 6 months. This sudden "shock" causes more hair in the mid phases to convert to shed stage and that causes the sudden loss. It actually isn't horrible, (it looks and feels it though), and when you get the sudden large loss it indicates your hair grows normal and those healthy hair follicles will go back to doing their job as soon as the new growth has advances far enough to be mid phase again.

There is no way to know who is going to be effected. There is uncertainty how many people notice and then report the hair loss. There is uncertainty how many clinics/coachs know of, address, and share the hair lost info.

It is ok. For me, NOW, it is fine. I started taking a hair multi that was high in choline/inositol which were/are missing from our vitamins and limited in our diet. FOR ME it seemed the answer. I have thinned hair still. It is no longer thinning the way it was. I learned other possible vitamin issues can be:
iron, magnesium, any of the spectrum of B or so called B vitamin, vitamin C, selenium, and/oromega oil defiiciencies, vitamin F deficiency (aka... ALA, LA deficiency).


-another thing I wish my coach had told me... you can look at this page (see, join a forum at 3fc, sign up for a group on facebook, or join the forum on ideal to

-another one!! Here are a bunch of recipes to help you get through this week. And the next week do the same!

My Progress Photos

Taking this 10 pounds at a time!

You have to choose - eat how you want to look, or look how you want to eat...

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