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Default Tattoo; Thoughts?

I know this isn't really directly related to weight loss, but I still wanted some people's opinions on it.

Now that I'm a bit more comfortable with my own skin, I was considering getting a small sort of wrist tattoo. I didn't want just any tattoo, either. It had to mean something to me, even as I grow old and I didn't want it to be distracting or anything.

Anyway, I'm really unsure about it, because it's my first tattoo. At first, I was completely against getting a tattoo, but now I would like to get at least one. I am, however, very worried that I might really dislike it as I grow older (I know my mind changed a lot).

Here's what it looks like (I drew it on myself, with a pen. ):

It's roughly around the size of a quarter and it's on the under side of my wrist. It's basically a medical cross, but it's suppose to represent it being intertwined in my personality for me to want to help others (Do you get the avatar now? It's a Plague doctor. Do you get it? Do you?! ) and also my healing and over coming my own problems. So, it means a lot to me, but I still have a lot of reservations about it... I've heard that wrist tattoos are also fairly painful and they're probably not the best choice for someone with their first tattoo, but I really wouldn't want to hide it. I don't think. Maybe some day I would? I don't know.

What do ya'll think?

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