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Oh I love Kale, kale is awesome. I don't know if you like raw veggies but if you taste kale leaves uncooked its kind of an interesting (probably mostly to me) flavor, kind of bitter (nutty? idk), very green and almost like cabbage i guess. It is a huge prevent-er of cancer and super high in anti-oxidants I believe.

I'm not sure if you are vegetarian or not...but I'll share and perhaps there are alternatives you can find that suit you nonetheless...

If you take a smoked turkey leg or two, cut it up into small pieces, add it to a large pot and sear/sautee it adding salt pepper, garlic, some onion. After its all heated up, juicy, and smelling delish, add the washed raw kale leaves (cut in pieces) sprinkling them lightly with water and cook. In no time You will have a yummy steamed kale side dish. Thats my go to recipe.

Alot of people cook kale for a long time like 2 or more hours....but I personally don't like to cook it to death for the health benefit. The greener it is the more nutrients u retain that will enter your body when eaten. I just get it slightly softened, trying to keep the bright green color if i can. I suppose I do about under 20 minutes.

The other way I've made it is making a kale and sausage type soup/stew using kielbasa (turkey for me, sometimes beef sausage) which has a similar preperation of preparing the meat and tossing in the kale to cook down. You can even add yummy white beans to this one, and happy little orange carrots...oh my I'm getting hungry!

I actually might try making a salad with it could probably be interesting mixed (again for me, since i like it so much raw) with other lettuces and add-ins. Let me know how it turns out for you!
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