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I do not doubt whatsoever that you are going through A LOT right now and things are flying your way that are both positive and hair-pulling all at the same time. That's obvious. And this is the simple piece of advice that is the absolutely hardest thing to do: calm down. Take each thing as it comes, deal with it, and move on to the next without feeling overwhelmed. However which way you can find that peace, find it! because I hate to say it but your life might actually depend on it. For your daughter's sake, your hubby's sake, and your own.

Story time. Yesterday (June 27th) was my first anniversary with my hubby. So this time last year was a beautiful time. Everything went off without a hitch. My family was all there and everything was the absolute definition of perfect. This wednesday (June 30th) will be an anniversary of sorts as well. My mother had a heart attack and stroke. That's right, 3 days after our wedding when we were on our honeymoon.
I never realized how much stress she had really taken on. She seemed like the normal Super Woman that she always is. Our lives changed from that moment on. She has come a long way and this wednesday is something that we'll be rejoicing. She survived. We survived. Life has not come crashing down as it could have. But trust me there's been enough times that I've run through the preparation times and wished I could have seen something that would have sent off alarm bells in my head. But it happened. So coming from a "dear daughter", calm down. please.......... please. Nothing is as big as losing your health in a fraction of a second. No stress is worth dying over. Don't let it!

And please don't disregard this as obvious either. Women have a way of taking on the world and taking care of everyone else first before looking after themselves. My mother and I are very close and the challenges that we all have gone through in the last year I do not wish on anyone.

So this also goes out to all who have read this. No stress is worth dying over. My mother is not very old (59), she is active and a good weight. And no one was more surprised that it happened than her.
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