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Default After all these years, this is what he asks me...

Should I go get you some Chinese food or some ice cream?

Okay, reading that now I almost laughed.

Anyway, I was having a particularly stressful day yesterday. Well lots of the days have been stressful as of late, but yesterday in particular was.

As some of you know, DD#1 got married less than a month ago, and we're trying to help her get her apartment together which has been a pain in the neck and simultaneously we're trying to get DD#2's apartment also ready as she is getting married 6 weeks from now. Lots of stuff to be done.

Yesterday we set aside to get the invitations out and finally we did. But it was stressful and TIME consuming. Someone please remind me for DD#3's wedding we send the envelopes OUT to a printer. Whatever money it is, it has got to be worth it.

Oh forgot to mention that DD#3 went off to camp the other day so there was that stress as well. Well with all of this built up stress, and yesterday being the kicker, I was just very - frustrated, annoyed (it was a great beach day and I was indoors ALL day, in fact haven't hit the beach once with all the planning of the wedding and getting these apts set up ) and very tear-y.

It was quite late, dinner was no where in sight and my husband who sees me losing it says to me "Should I go get some Chinese food or some ice cream?" Four years. Four years I've been *doing this* and he wants to know, since I'm out of my mind upset and stressed if I want Chinese food or ice cream...... I just don't get it. And apparently neither does he!

The LAST thing I wanted was Chinese food or ice cream. I just wanted to get out of the house and take a brisk walk...

Now back in the day that IS what I would have wanted, but it's been 4 YEARS. 4 YEARS!!!! How could he even go there? Why would he think this was something that I WOULD want? How many years will have to pass until he *gets* this? And the scary thing is, is he's a pretty darn intelligent man, so that he is NOT getting this is just, I don't know what it is....
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