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I had a similar issue in my losing phase but more just not able to eat large quantities anymore. Try many small "meals" a day. As to eliminating processed foods- just get started simply while continuing to learn and experiment. Veggies come without any additives and eventually if you can organic (no low fat cheese sauce...), meats same as veggies- no low fat hot dogs or chicken patties- real food and eventually grass fed, organic, etc. Carbs = not in a package unless just a container. No low fat wheat thins etc- try potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, beans (ok canned as you start out). Just really look at the food and ask yourself how much it has gone thru to get to you. Congrats on your weight loss to date and more importantly congrats on treating yourself well. Also there is a phrase 12 step programs use: progress not perfection. If you can increase the whole foods over time you will benefit.

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