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Originally Posted by proudmommy09 View Post
Im gonna be starting IP on Saturday and was wondering about the restricted protein supplements. Is it better if I dont use those untill the third week? Thats what it says on the paper but I was wondering if thats how you all have had those amazing results the first couple weeks, TIA
I didn't use any restricted products till week 4, when I tried the orange pancakes. Though I haven't felt like I've slowed down since I added the restricted items, I can't say as to whether I would have lost faster without them. I'm guessing I would have -- because of fewer carbs/calories.

I tried to only use the restricted items on days when I'm working out. If you're craving something sweet, go for the jello.

Here's a tip: Hit up the in-store deli at your local mega mart, and ask them to sell you some of their smallest plastic containers and lids. They're a lot cheaper than buying the brand name containers in the food storage section, and they're a good size for the jello. I make all 7 at once so that they're waiting in the fridge, ready to go.
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