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I do understand about not knowing when you are being reasonable and when you are being indulgent. This is how I think about it:

Loosening up is ok when it is planned and it comes from a desire to moderate. Loosening up is a the beginning of a slippery slope when it is spontaneous and is in response to a temptation.

So it's ok to say "My birthday is in a month. On my birthday, I am going to go out to my favorite Mexican place and have a margarita and cheese enchiladas. This will push my average daily calories for the month up by 100, but I'll eat on the lower end of my range until then to compensate".

It's not ok to say "I am eating lunch with my friends. I planned to eat a bowl of chicken noodle soup, which has 360 calories. But man, a cheeseburger looks good. I really want a cheeseburger. Maybe I am just being too hard on myself. This is a lifestyle change, not a diet. Damn it, I am getting the cheeseburger. I didn't gain it all in one day."

I had a friend who gave up chocolate. I asked her how long she was going to give it up. She said "As long as I can stand it". I pointed out that if she did that, when she finally gave in and ate some, it would be a reward for weakness. Better to say "No chocolate until Christmas, and then I will have [whatever]", because then you are rewarding success, and enjoying staying on plan, not getting a guilty thrill out of going off plan.
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