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Default Drop sequence for colored plans

Originally Posted by Larslady View Post
thanks for all the information on the new plan. However, instead of purchasing all the new stuff, I have jumped in on the old color plan. I would like to know if anyone has the order of the old plan colors and at what weight did you start the different color. I started on the Red and can't remember if it is purple or blue that comes next. I did notice that the difference between the two plans is that they have added more food to the new plan. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Week one, down 6 lbs in 4 days!
Healthy Females 18-65 years

Ideal Weight + 10 = GREEN
Ideal Weight + 25 = Gold
Ideal Weight + 60 = Purple
Ideal Weight + 80 = RED
Ideal Weight + 100 = RED 1

If you don't do the LA Lites then bump up one higher plan to make up for the calories in the Lites.

I am starting over again too. I tried the numbered plans at the end just before they closed but do better on the color coded plans because it is more protein and less carbs/starches.
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