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Originally Posted by LindaCC View Post
What is the Flavor Profile?? Have not seen that.
I believe Jordanna means "the elements of the taste you crave" when she says flavor profile.

For instance, if you want Mexican, break out the elements of that are IP friendly - cumin, chili pepper, garlic, onion, cilantro, maybe lime, oregano, chipotle or jalapeno pepper. Create a recipe around those flavors. For rice you can use finely grated cauliflower (recipe is in the recipes2 thread) or for black beans you can use black soy beans (available canned by Eden Organics online or at whole foods and health food stores). You can make a shell-less taco salad, taco "lettuce wraps", fajitas, chili, calabasa (summer squash/zucchini) soup, fish baked in a salsa, and other things.

If you like Indian foods look for elements of the curries and vegetable dishes. Indian food is a resource for EXCELLENT vegetarian dish options and can really take the boring out of our vegetable choices.

If you like Chinese or Asian inspired foods, incorporate those spices: lemongrass, ginger, edamame, garlic, turmeric, cardamom, soy, chili oil or pepper, etc.

By satisfying the "taste" of the food you want you may be able to avoid needing the actual food and you can retrain your craving!

I am sure Jordanna will clarify exactly what she meant when she sees this. I hope in the mean time this helps.

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