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Welcome! Keep at it, I'm sure you can kick that 20 lbs's butt!

No problem, chica. Hopefully it'll motivate the few 40-somethings, and bring them together with the 50-something ladies!

I always wonder about you lurkers! Glad you're posting, stick around!

Awesome motivation! That mini biggest loser sounds great. Also, I admire your mentality about knowing that the scale will start moving in the right direction soon.

As for me...
I'm feeling a bit stressied. And all thanks to the scale. I've decided to own my water-retention number and finally change my ticker up.

This week (after tonight) I will have worked out three times, half an hour of cardio each time, and in each visit an intense hour of attacking my muscles with a friend of mine who doubles as a scary personal trainer. I've been eating more healthily this week, sticking to around 1,500 calories and cutting out the chips and chocolate I'd been using to medicate my boredom at work, replacing it with grapes and rice cakes.

And according to the scale, I've gained two lbs.
I mean. Come on. Logically, I know that my TOM is starting in a week, and that every time I stand up right now, all the muscles in my legs SCREAM in agony, so I'm likely retaining water due to sore muscles... but it's still just so disheartening to watch myself slide back into the 150s when I worked so hard to get out of them before.

I'm just gonna... keep at it. Try not to let the scale affect my motivation. Keep going to the gym, and keep trying to destroy my unhealthy eating habits....!

Back to the beginning again, but trying to make it a lifestyle change instead of a crash-calorie-counting obsession. Journey #1: Lost 40 lbs, then gained 50.
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