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fashin - nice to see you back! I am up around 161 as well. You and I seem to struggle at the same time.

Jelbb - thanks for making the new thread!

rockstar - I ordered another pair of flashback crops in a lighter colour and a pair of vita crops - they look really cute! I need to stay off that loot section, they have some cheap and cute stuff! Thankfully there isn't a Lululemon in my town. Some of my hoodies are getting a little lose - all my pants are fine. It sucks about the hoodies, but all well. I am sure I can find them a new home eventually.

Cally - welcome! Glad you finally jumped in!

tuende - I promise that I am done holding summer off. I am broke and honestly 3 pairs of similar crops are enough! I had to wear a pair today even t hough the weather looks like crap. I figure I better get lots of wear out of all these pants! I don't care if they are too causal for work; I am wearing them anyway haha.

The last two days were pretty good! Today hasn't started off that great; but not that bad either. It should end fine; although, I would love some wine tonight. I actually surprised the scale is up over 2 pounds. My week wasn't that bad but it will start moving in the right direction soon! Some co-workers and I are each putting $2 in a jar. Person to lose the most % at the end of 6 months gets all the money! Should be around $200! Talk about some motivation. I am excited - we are supposed to be starting today!
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