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Originally Posted by BevS View Post
Hi, Jordanna, We can have small amounts of fat with our slow carbs. For example, we can butter our toast lightly with our breakfast or use light butter. I just don't use it since I'm having low-fat yogurt anyway. Then at lunch we can have a tablespoon or more of fat, but no bread or other slow carbs or fruit. At dinner we can have 5-7 ounces of slow carbs but a teaspoon or less fat. We can have a sprinkle of parmesan cheese at dinner, for example, but not a regular slice of cheese. We're allowed to switch our lunch and dinner menus when we want, but if we do, we're supposed to not have as much fat in the evening as we could have had at lunch because it encourages acid reflux in the evening.
Jeez, Bev... do you have all this memorized? I have to keep looking at the cheat sheet to remember what I'm supposed to do when! I think I may need to work out some menus that fit the bill ahead of time so I don't need to tax my poor, overworked brain every time a meal rolls around.

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