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Originally Posted by Novak View Post
I just discovered a typo on the PDF version of the Phase 4 Protocol posted in the IP Phases sticky.

I was wondering why the sheets I printed out said to eat 5-7 ounces of complex carbs (pasta, rice, etc,) That seemed like a tremendous amount of food to me...

I compared this with Ogdog's Phase 4 post, and also consulted the Tran Tien Diet website. The actual amount is "0.5 to 1.0 ounces," which I think you will agree is a significant difference! So if anyone is trying to cram down 7 ounces of pasta for dinner, back off!

Does anyone have a newer version of the protocol with the right numbers? Or can someone get one from their coach? I'll ask tomorrow at my workshop...
Hi, Novak, the sheet I got from my regional rep says 7 ounces of complex carbs plus fruit besides the 7 oz. protein and vegetables for dinner.ex: steak, baked potato, corn & spinach raspberry salad. The 4-sheet, phase 4 - Maintenance dieter handout I printed out from this forum's stickies says 5 to 7 oz. rice, pasta, lentils, semolina, dried beans, quinoa, potatoes, etc., weighed and cooked. A 5-ounce potato is not all that big, what I would consider a small to medium potato. This same handout says you can have as many vegetables as you want and that meat is optional, no more than 3.5 oz. white fish or 3 oz. lean ham or deli chicken, a can of plain tuna or seafood. For dessert: 1 serving of yogurt, 1 fruit or 1 serving of stewed fruit. The fruit is optional.

I just checked his book. On page 76 we read the following:

"For dinner, you’ll have:
- 150 to 200 g complex carbohydrates, weighed and cooked.
There are three kinds of complex carbohydrates:
• starchy foods, like potatoes, which are not that
great because they contain no protein and have a
fairly high glycemic index;
• grains: wheat, bulgur, buckwheat, corn;
• pulses: lentils, field beans, chickpeas.
To summarize, you can choose from rice, pasta, lentils, semolina,
green peas, beans, potatoes, wheat or buckwheat, as all contain
complex carbs."

So it looks to me like the typo is the one that says .5 to 1 oz. Or it could be that they meant to put 1/2 to 1 CUP, instead of 1/2 to 1 ounce. That would be a minuscule amount of food. 150 to 200 grams is the same as 5-7 oz.

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